It WAS a Better Day!

I decided this morning that I had to follow up on last week’s post!  It is amazing what happens when you resolve ahead of time to take God at His word and emphasize love over impatience, relationship over the rules, gentle over harsh words and listening over speaking.  Friday morning was truly a JOY!  Even when I “suggested” (in my best Sweet Mommy Morning voice) that we would get dressed before we snuggled with Daddy, the kids went along with the new, gentler Mommy Program!  And, here for the entire world to see, I give God Himself all the glory, honor and praise for it because heaven knows I have tried it on my own before.  But I have to confess that I don’t think I ever really asked God to make it so.  I don’t know that I ever asked Him to allow His word in me to make a true difference in my mundane, daily tasks.  I don’t recall really repenting of my OWN attitude problem, at least as it relates to our morning routine!  I DO know that I have intuitively felt for some time that I was at least partially to blame for the typical yuckiness that is getting 2 kids who really hate mornings ready and to school before the tardy bell rings.  But I don’t think I have ever before said, “OK God, I hear what You’re saying and I am resolving right now to let YOUR way BE my way tomorrow morning.  Prepare my heart, give me a plan, move me out of the way and let me watch you work.” 

WOW!  Who knew a Sovereign, All-Powerful God could handle the morning better than I could?!  I’m here to tell you ladies (and gentlemen, if there are any out there reading this!) that He can!  I literally drove home after drop-off thinking: “Wow.  That was totally different than any morning we’ve ever had before.  We weren’t tardy.  We ate breakfast at home and actually laughed on the way to school.  When Keppley fussed about her outfit (Told you she would!) we moved on without incident and my “back-up shirt” was a hit!  God really worked.  He really showed up… He really DOES care about our mornings and His way really is best.”  Wow.  Think we’ll do it His way again tomorrow.

Considering it ALL Joy,


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