A Little Unexpected Gift

This week something very rare happened in our town.  We had a SNOW DAY!  Tuesday found me all distracted, watching the weather channel and peeking out the window to see if the big predicted snow had arrived yet.  I picked up the Kiddos early from school and we all spent the day wondering when the precipitation would start.  My Girl was adamantly optimistic, full of hope and faith that the snow was indeed coming.  My Boy was gloomy and pessimistic, wondering why “everyone is acting like it’s really going to snow.”  His sister challenged his faith: “maybe the sun is out right now because God wants you to trust Him.  I will never give up hope!”  Isn’t that a twist on the norm?  According to my Sweet Girl, the sun – the good stuff –  is how God was testing her Brother’s faith. 

The snow came – finally – and it was beautiful.  I enjoyed a full five minutes of the tranquil beauty, coffee in hand, before my Kiddos tumbled down the stairs and out the door… in their jammies! 

We had obligatory hot cocoa and cinnamon buns that took WAAAAAY too long to bake.  And then we had the gift: an unplanned day of laughing and playing and joy and togetherness.  We went sledding!  We jumped on the snow-filled trampoline.  We took a walk.  We talked to neighbors and played with friends.  I took a million bemoaned pictures.  We built a snowman and had a snowball fight!  (Kevin and I TOTALLY smoked the Kiddos!)  We rushed to play and prioritized the time together because we knew the snow could melt away at any moment.  It was precious and beautiful and fun and tiring and messy and… perfect.

On the way to school the next day, we were still looking at the remnants of our gorgeous snow and it hit me: we never would have paid attention to the sprawling fields and little trees we pass everyday if they hadn’t been covered with snow.  The intricate curves of the signs we always see – and always miss – were noticed because they were covered with something special.  That’s the thing about snow around here: it makes everything seem special.  I kissed my Kiddos, took a few more pictures and said to my friend: “You know what makes a snow day so awesome?  It’s like a little gift you weren’t expecting.”

As I rushed back to the car, it hit me: EVERY DAY IS A GIFT.

Every day has been “snow covered” and washed white.  Every breath has been bought and paid for.  Every moment has been redeemed.  We just have to open our eyes and see it.  We just have to make sure the “good stuff” God has given us doesn’t distract us from always hoping in our good, giving God.

O Lord, teach us to prioritize what is most important.  Remind us that it can change at any moment.  Help us to slow down and really see the people and the things we rush past everyday.  Let us never forget that the “ordinary” IS special.  Open our eyes to the beauty and the wonder and the fun even when it is tiring and messy.  Let our hearts be overwhelmed by the gift of everyday… the good and perfect gift of every. single. day. 

Snow-Covered Ordinary

Snow-Covered Ordinary

Me & 3 of My Favorite Gifts

Me & 3 of My Favorite Gifts

Snow Day Mulligans & "Martin"

Snow Day Mulligans & “Martin”