Found: Longly, the Giraffe

Never A Dull Moment: Week 1/Day 2
A paired down version of this post made it into my devotional book because God used this little giraffe to teach me SO MANY THINGS. He still is using this little giraffe to teach this Momma lots of lessons. More to come…

Speechless Ministries

Those of you that read my blog will, no doubt, be thinking by the end of this post, “Gee, those Mulligans sure do lose a lot of stuff at their house.” – and we do!  At the risk of having you totally question my housekeeping skills, however, I must praise the Lord about yet another little “Lost & Found Incident”.  Caleb’s stuffed giraffe, Longly, has been missing for over a week.  Longly’s ten year-old, rightful owner has taken it like a champ.  His rightful owner’s Mommy has not.  I reorganized Caleb’s bedroom, cleaned up (and out!) the toy room, searched Keppley’s room, texted Mema, Granna, Papa and Aunt Sarah.  AND made Daddy PROMISE me that he had really, really double-checked his Jeep.  I also re-searched the Suburban… just in case my sleuthing skills were slipping.  I searched and looked and pondered and questioned where in the world this floppy, infant-sized…

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