The I AM… Not the “I Might Be”

Never A Dull Moment – Week 2, Day 3



I literally laughed out loud when I read our first paragraph today!

I am more of what you might call a stress-ball, worry-wart, “hyperventilate because I don’t know what pants I’m wearing tomorrow” kind of girl.

I should have a t-shirt made!  I NEED the reminder that what is happening right now is the important thing.  I’m not suggesting we all cash in our retirement funds, quit school, or stop using the brains God gave us to think ahead a little bit.  I think there is wisdom in planning and preparation – obviously.  But for those of us who REALLY get lost without our planners and sometimes miss the preciousness of the moment because we are so concerned about what’s coming next, the struggle is most assuredly real.

The reason God can say “do not fear” and “do not be anxious” so many times in His word is because He fully understands our past, knows everything there is to know about our now and has been where we are going.  Our little brains can’t possibly comprehend the timeless, eternal piece of God’s character: that our WAS and WILL BE is just as RIGHT NOW to God as the sip of coffee we just took or the news we just received.

The Bible says, “He is the Alpha and Omega… who is, was and is to come.  the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” He is the God of my past, present and future who knew me way back when, knows me better than I know myself now and numbers each day I will live until I see Him face to face.- from my monologue “The Perfect Fit”

It is not our job to figure it all out before we take the first step.  Our job is to TRUST that God is ordering our steps and follow so closely behind Him that we couldn’t possibly get lost.  Rest, weary one.  Every path He takes you down, He’s already walked.  Every role He casts you in, He equips you to fill.  He insures your qualification for every job He assigns to you.  ALL OF IT is for your good and for His glory.  Everything will make you more and more like Jesus.  Trust and be strong.

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