Writing Down the Whispers

Never A Dull Moment – Week 4, Day 2: Daddy Do

Sometimes I feel like I say the same things over and over again, but I always need to be reminded of how wide, how long, how high and how deep His love is for me. TimeHop (my favorite app!) was my reminder today! I wrote “Writing Down the Whispers” a year ago, but it fit so beautifully into our recent focus and with today’s reading that I decided to NOT overcomplicate things – YAY ME! LOL!

Today, my prayer is that you will KNOW down deep in the marrow of your bones that GOD LOVES YOU! He loved you before anyone who declares it to you verbally even knew of your existence. Jesus DIED for you before you were even a thought to anyone on this planet… because He loves you (Romans 5:8). Anytime we are moved to say “I love you, Lord” it is only because our Lord loved us first. I once heard Beth Moore (Bible teacher, speaker, lover of the Word) say that whenever she declares her love for her Father she says, “I love you too” because whatever prompted the love in her heart is an expression of God’s love for her. So true.

Know you are loved, my friend. No matter what you are walking through. No matter how you feel… KNOW you are loved with an everlasting, perfect love. When you question it, simply say, “Daddy do! Yes, He does.” And whisper back, “I love you, too.”

Speechless Ministries

I never claimed or promised to be a prolific blogger.  In fact, my tagline in Living Real magazine SAYS “… sometimes blogger,” but almost a year is quite a long time in between posts.  Here’s the thing: life gets crazy.  Words get thought and forgotten.  I imagine lots of things and, heaven knows, I say plenty, but it doesn’t all get logged right here.  Today though, in my journaling with the Lord, I felt prompted to write – really to share with you – what HE spoke to my heart.  So, there’s nothing super special about this day except that maybe what God whispered to my heart needs to be whispered to yours as well…

O Lord, this day and these feelings.  It started out “weird” and has progressed to that “sad” and “lonely” place I sometimes go. I could point to many things that may be the cause, but none of them seem…

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