Jesus Knows Me

Never A Dull Moment – Week 4, Day 3

NADM Jesus Knows Me

Don’t you love this?  Not “Jesus loves me, this I know…” but Jesus KNOWS me, this I love.  Makes a little bit of a difference!

I became fascinated with the fact that Jesus seemed to read the minds of the crowds and the Pharisees a couple of years ago when I did a verse by verse study of the book of Luke.  The next time you read through the Gospels, take note.  I guess it shouldn’t really surprise me.  Clearly, He is God and God certainly knows us inside and out, our specific spot on eternity’s timeline, the motivations of our hearts, our needs before they are expressed and on and on.  Seeing it work out “in the flesh” is just shocking though.  That’s not how human beings normally operate.  But, then again, Jesus was no ordinary human being.

His “mind reading”  happens often and it always gets me thinking about the implications for us.  We talked through one application in today’s reading: even though He KNEW what the Pharisees were thinking, Jesus did the right thing, without regard for His own safety, much less His popularity.  You’ve been there and so have I: those times when you just know how something is going to turn out or be received.  The choice is: do the right thing or take the easy way out.  I pray we always follow Christ’s lead.

The mind reading Jesus also prompts me to check my heart’s motivations.  If Jesus in the flesh “knew their thoughts” how much more does His Spirit within me know mine?  Gulp.  I, of course, am being a little dramatic, but seriously.  Be reminded by the experience of the Pharisees in Luke 5 that Jesus is well aware of our thoughts.  He knows why we do what we do.  He knows if we are doing the right thing out of love and obedience to His word or a desire to please man.  He knows if we are trying, in some warped way, to earn His favor, grace and salvation.  We can’t do it and when we try, we get ourselves into all sorts of trouble.

Let Luke 5’s paralyzed man also be a reminder: simple FAITH is all that is required of us when interacting with the God of the universe.  ALL the man did was stretch out his hand.  Jesus didn’t even have to say another word and “[the man’s] hand was completely restored.”  The healing was not proportional to his efforts.  Don’t ever forget that part of the story.  Just do what’s asked.

Just follow His lead.  Just let your heart love Him and watch the motivations, the actions, and the results fall into place.  He wants to give you the kingdom.  He died to make a way for you.  His heart is to completely restore yours – whatever parts need restoring.  HE KNOWS YOU.  Don’t you love it?