God Is Not Distant

Never A Dull Moment – Week 3, Day 3

NADM Stoop

My red NIV Bible says, “You give me your shield of victory, and your right hand sustains me; you stoop down to make me great (Psalm 35:18).”  Some versions use other words for “stoop down”: gentleness, humility, lowliness, help.  As a matter of fact, I might have gotten a defective Bible because try as I might, I cannot find “stoop down” in any electronic version I’ve checked.  But that’s ok.  The version I like the best, I think is still the one from my slim line, cool red Bible that I studied through my whole second pregnancy.  It was a gift from my sister the Christmas before Kep was born and it was while reading in this Bible that I first fell in love with Psalm 18.  Please, please stop and read the whole thing!  I wish I could show you the 3 last Bibles I’ve used – all different versions, each one with Psalm 18 marked and underlined and full of notes in the margins.  Psalm 18 outlines who God IS and what He’s done for us.  He guarantees us the victory.

It’s too much.

The idea that God would stoop… not speak or command or send angels or “make it so,” but STOOP to make me great still slays me.  Let it stop you in your tracks today too.  If you are distressed, call to Him (v. 6).  If you feel like you’re drowning or overwhelmed, feel His reach and let Him rescue you.  He delights to do it!  (See verses 16 and 19)