Every Day Is Easter

Never A Dull Moment – Week 3, Day 4

I LOVE Easter!  Today’s reading brings back so many great memories, but I have to share one that makes me and my much younger siblings CRACK UP every time Easter approaches.  I was raised Baptist, but I have always been intrigued by the formality and ceremony in other denominations – especially surrounding Easter.  I wish I could remember the exact year, but way back before kids, when I was still working full time outside my home, I had a friend who went to a Lutheran church.  Knowing my fascination with liturgy and having fielded a million questions from me, she invited me to the Maundy Thursday service her church was hosting.  I decided it would be GREAT to take my younger siblings with me!  You know, expose them to something different than they were used to.  I was clearly in “Mommy Practice Mode!”  Anyway…

We get there and it was a wonderful service!  Some highlights were the Pastor (priest?) washing the children’s feet and then the somber covering of the altar and other parts of the sanctuary in black cloth.  We were quiet, considering the death of Jesus and the sacrifice He had made.  Sarah and Zach were eyes-wide and enthralled.  Then, several people scattered around the room began to sing portions of the Psalms.  More accurately, they were chanting or speaking them in a low, sing-songy way.  Very interesting to us little Baptists in the pew and completely captivating.

Then, bless her.  A woman behind me, over my left shoulder, began reciting/singing Psalm 22:6.  I’m going to give you a moment to look it up…

Got it?

I don’t know what YOUR bible says, but what my age 10 and 12-ish siblings and me heard was, “I am but a worm…” in the low spoken/sung voice, ringing out above the total silence.  In true, well-practice Momma style, I whipped my head toward them – well, really, toward Zach – and shot them my best, “If you so much as make a PEEP, you are in BIG trouble” look!  LOL!  It worked!  Both, remained wide-eyed, but now with big smiles.  Holy cow.  The whole way back to Mom’s house, they chanted from the back seat, “I am but a worm… I am but a worm…”  The lasting impression I had hoped for was absolutely made… although not in quite the way I imagined.  Isn’t that the way it goes some days?!

We still occasionally let one fly around the Easter season or if, at any moment, things get a little too serious.  It’s actually been a while… time for a couple phone calls.  They are now 28 and almost 30, but I can still get a laugh with “I am but a worm…”  I know: super mature and spiritual, right?!

The POINT is this: Be JOYFUL today my friends!  Bust out an “I am but a worm…” if you must!  Don’t take yourself or your stuff too seriously.  Jesus came and lived, died and rose again for your FREEDOM, for your ABUNDANT LIFE.  Don’t let anything or anyone steal it from you.  Every day is Easter for those who believe!  Celebrate it!  He is risen!

And now you say…

He is risen indeed!